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Pieces Of My Mind
Poem 4



When a mirror is put against another mirror, what can be seen?
Do they show their real faces, smile at each other, cry, scream?
Is there something alive there, staring behind your own face?
Is their destiny a punishment, a sentence, a vengeful disgrace?

I am a mirror, sometimes I'm not here;
It seems Im a head that sees and hears;
A ghost that floats around other lives,
That frowns and smiles at your smiles;
An imitation of you, I'll do what you do,
A shadow that repeats all that it sees.

If you fight I'll lift my fist, but not my mind;
I'm looking for something that I cannot find,
My other side, another mirror, to see my eyes,
Someone that awakens my sense of touch,
Never again forsaken and never again a hush.