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Pieces Of My Mind
Poem 15



Knocking on your window like a ghost of night
I've been gathering my memories from the past,
Still I cannot seem to situate myself,
That I'm in the present, that this is today.

Still you let me in and confort me,
You know everything, you don't let me begin;
Cuddling in your trembling arms I tell you I'm sorry,
So sorry to disturb your sleep with my stories.

You know who is giving me hell again,
You know who thinks I'm a doll to play,
I know you understand me so much,
That I can't move ahead, only backwards.

You say what you always say,
That I've got to forget;
Your lips move, but do I listen?
I sit down, I begin to dissect my mind,
To confess all that you think is a crime.

I feel the compression, the pressure around me,
They are beside me, touching me, probing;
She's as real as that,
Any minute now she will come back.