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Pieces Of My Mind
Poem 12


What came first? My disgrace or your presence?
What they said is "come on in, welcome to hell".

If you waste your life hiding at night
You won't see the devils drunk and high,
Giving stuff to your kids to make them die
Slowly, but sooner than what was meant,
Deaths that feel like heaven, so they'll swallow them.

You will wake up one morning, your child transformed,
Having experienced things that you don't know of;
You say it's wrong, but do you move?
His image permanent, like a tattoo.

Your girls wear makeup everywhere,
They make out in cars, everyone's aware;
We're all learning to mature and grow up alone,
By the time you care we won't need you anymore.

What came first? My disgrace or seeing your face?
When we were born they said: "come on in, welcome to hell".