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Pieces Of My Mind
Poem 7



You don't know where it comes from,
You don't know where it goes,
You do wish it did something, that it evolved,
Because you feel you're falling and can't stand it anymore;
Not this eternal sadness, not the eternal tear-flow.

The sadness ruins you,
Steals everything you are and got,
It hides like a secret, it shuts all your doors
When you have to act normal in front of everyone;
Just like a lover owns your heart
Depression owns your whole,
You think you're pathetic, you think you're alone,
That pulling your hair off will make you in control.

A day goes by and you try a new thing,
You open up a wound to make it up
To all those other wounds you have inside;
Pain is insane, it becomes a game, a bet,
Can we reach anywhere going on with it?

They say we need to find something
That ties us to this world,
But what if all our harnesses are broken
And the only thing that tied me was you;
My jailer, my guard;
I wasn't tied to this earth, but to your heart.

Given that I find a brand new haven,
Where our dreams can go to die,
Why to we have to hold on?
Death is that haven, we'll hold our hands and we will fly.